Invest to save:
reduce your licensing costs and
compliance risks

Does your business use something like Excel for its software asset inventory? Does the tool you’re using fail to reflect the full complexity of your current license inventory? Do you lack the resources to keep up to date with your software licenses and which users or devices they relate to?

The benefits of professional license management with Audit Butler

Optimise your license inventory with Audit Butler through complete cost and benefit transparency. Identify potential savings and receive all the latest and most accurate information for license audits, purchases and/or sales, documented and on display in the Audit Butler dashboard.

An extensive product catalogue of Microsoft licenses will help you capture them. Our input process ensures everything is documented, avoiding any knowledge loss as well as wasted hours and hours preparing for audits.

Our web-based tool is available anywhere, at any time, and eliminates the need for pre-installation, bypassing any system requirements. With our optional managed services, which ensure you are as audit-proof and up to date as possible, Audit Butler is also ideal for smaller budgets.

The benefits for you:

  • No pre-installation necessary
  • No system requirements
  • Easy to use – walks you through the inventory process
  • An extensive Microsoft product catalogue
  • Complete documentation avoids any knowledge loss
  • Developed by a team of experts with decades of license expertise
  • Optional managed services for maximum workload reduction
  • Ideal for small budgets
  • Transparent pricing model

Example of an Audit Butler dashboard

potential savings and receive all the latest and most accurate information for license audits, purchases and/or sales, documented and accessible on the Audit Butler dashboard.
The Audit Butler dashboard displayed in dark mode

Your ROI potential

Market analysts such as Forrester have conducted studies on the ROI potential that businesses can achieve by usingprofessional software asset management (SAM). Audit Butler is a tool with a sensationally fast ROI.
We’ll be happy to provide you with a personal analysis – you’ll be amazed. Get in touch today!

Audit Butler managed &
professional services

Want more service, more support and more options?
With our managed and professional services, you’ll have the license to become a SAM professional!

Onboarding Training

Data Entry

Data Maintenance
aaS (DMaaS)


The benefits for you:

  • Our experts will take care of data maintenance for you.
  • Your data and reporting will always be up to date.
  • You don’t lose any knowledge and save resources.
  • You avoid errors thanks to our decades of license expertise.
  • The best possible starting point for your next audit

Why Audit Butler?

Audit Butler provides full transparency regarding licenses and costs and ensures you’re always ready for an audit. A new solution for businesses and public bodies of all sizes.

Over a century of international licensing expertise from various renowned experts from different countries went into the development of our tool and our professional managed services. Our Audit Butler ease-of-use approach will give you optimised guidance in the asset inventory process.

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A personal butler of my own?

Why Audit Butler? What does a butler do and what can I expect? And what does it have to do with license management or audits? These are valid questions that we’re happy to answer!

With the same attentive service a real butler would offer, your Audit Butler is a virtual assistant that will manage your software assets securely and guarantee stress-free license management.

Your Audit Butler will inform you discreetly about under- and over-licensing and points out potential savings.

Your Audit Butler will serve you a simple, clear and transparent overview of your costs and benefits regarding your licences in the Audit Butler dashboard.

Your Audit Butler will support you as a ‘license host’ and creates the optimal license environment for used, new or subscription assets.

Your Audit Butler will be ever-present and, just like a real butler, a discreet assistant behind the scenes. He will always be available – no need for installation.

Your Audit Butler is specialised in software licenses so it can simplify your license management and make your business more efficient.

Your Audit Butler will organise your license inventory and ensure transparency, so you’ll be free to get on with your core business.

Your Audit Butler, with all these benefits, is a sophisticated tool offering tailor-made solutions for your licensing needs.

Your Audit Butler will be a license management genius.

Too good to be true? Through the optimal design of our tool and services, we can offer you the luxury of a butler, so you can manage your licenses much more easily and securely with a very small investment of capital and human resourcesand at a much cheaper price than ever before.

Audit Butler is a tool with a sensationally fast return on investment. Take a look at our prices and products.